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founded by gen z, for gen z.

ellen yang

founder + ceo

HelloBrandBox was founded in August 2018 by then 15-year-old Ellen Yang. After two internships in marketing/PR, she was deeply passionate about the principles behind effective marketing and design, but horrified with how often these same principles were abused: encouraging misinformation by lying to consumers and prioritizing feel-good messaging over driving tangible change. 
In the 21st century, social movements are treated as commodities, often serving as a marketing promotion or catchy slogan for a shirt with little further action from the brands who use it as such. Fortunately, Generation Z has repeatedly demonstrated they will not tolerate such behavior and inauthenticity from brands. As their collective spending power and domination of social media continues to rise, so does the necessity for socially-conscious brands who use their platform for good.
Today, HelloBrandBox has worked with over 25+ companies from all over the world, including startups and non-profits specializing in everything from healthcare to cosmetics. Our goal continues to stay the same: drive business growth and world progress simultaneously.